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California Employment Attorney Litigates Discrimination Actions

Firm in Stockton and Burbank seeks relief for harm suffered by employees

Discrimination and other types of workplace misconduct take a toll on victims. Even when someone knows that legal relief is available, it can be very difficult to assert one’s rights against someone with so much power over them. Located in Stockton and Burbank, Law Offices of Mark S. Adams stands up for employees facing discrimination at work and provides knowledgeable advice regarding the law that governs their situation. With more than 35 years of legal experience that includes many successful verdicts in courts throughout California, attorney Mark Adams can clearly explain your options and guide you toward a favorable result.

Proven attorney handles all types of cases alleging disparate treatment

Even if you merely suspect that you lost a job, a promotion or some other type of benefit due to a legally protected personal characteristic, it’s best to discuss your matter with a qualified employment lawyer. Our firm advocates for people affected by all types of discrimination, including:

  • Race, religion and ethnicity — Treating a job applicant or employee unfavorably because of their race, religion, or ethnicity violates federal and state laws. However, claims are governed by strict procedural requirements and deadlines. Once we learn about your situation, we’ll help you take the next step, which might be a formal complaint, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge, or litigation.
  • Disability — The Americans with Disabilities Act states that employers must make reasonable accommodation for workers who are suffering from a disability but can still perform their job duties. The question of what is reasonable can be tricky, so our firm can apply your circumstances to previous decisions in this area. It’s important to remember that California explicitly includes individuals with a mental disability as a protected group in discrimination actions.
  • Pregnancy and gender — Under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act, women cannot be fired, demoted or treated differently because they are pregnant or have recently given birth. We work to ensure that women employees receive the proper leave and that their jobs are not eliminated while they’re on maternity leave. Our firm also litigates on behalf of sexual harassment victims and people who have been mistreated due to their gender expression or identity.
  • Age — Workers who are 40 or older are eligible to seek legal relief if their age led to negative consequences at work or during the hiring process. When employers try to use a pretext to cover for their discrimination, we know how to counter these defenses.
  • Sexual orientation — Though discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is not covered under federal law, it is prohibited under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act.. Our firm conducts a thorough investigation of the relevant facts to build the strongest possible argument.

No matter where you work or what you do for a living, you deserve to be treated fairly. From your free initial consultation through the resolution of your case, we’ll do our best to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Skilled advocate assists victims of unlawful workplace retaliation

No anti-discrimination program is effective if victims are afraid to report misconduct. Accordingly, California law protects workers who lodge a complaint about discriminatory treatment and other illegal conduct, hazardous conditions, unpaid wages and other types of workplace malfeasance. If you’ve been fired, demoted, suffered a pay cut or faced any negative consequences since making your report, we will thoroughly evaluate the circumstances in your case. Employers often try to invent a legitimate reason for taking action against you, but we can unearth the truth and pursue appropriate relief on your behalf.

Contact an accomplished California discrimination attorney for a free consultation.

Law Offices of Mark S. Adams represents California workplace discrimination victims in litigation throughout the state. Please call 209-481-3485 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at one of our offices, located in Stockton and Burbank.

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Recent Results
  • "In a 2006 case in a San Joaquin County Superior Court case entitled the Chargin v. Stockton Port District. Mr. Adams was hired by the Port Commission as trial counsel in what turned out to be a three month jury trial involving nineteen plaintiffs who claimed 7.5 million dollars in damages resulting from the Port’s alleged maintenance of a nuisance. The jury returned 38 defense verdicts on behalf of Mr. Adams’ client."

  • "Mr. Adams again represented the Stockton Port District in Federal District Court in Sacramento and obtained a $600,000 settlement against one of the Port’s insurance carriers, CNA who denied a covered claim."

  • "In 2017 he settled a case against an insurance company for the Policy Limit of $250,000 for a man struck by a truck in a parking lot aggravating his depression and fibromyalgia."

  • "In 2018 he settled an age discrimination case for $200,000 against a large Ag equipment dealer."

  • "FANTASTIC AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY Mark has been my lawyer for two separate cases. When the second work related incident occurred, I didn’t hesitate to call Mark. Mark is very sensitive to issues that need a soft touch. Going through what I was I did not want an out of touch in-compassionate lawyer. I appreciated his approach. He always “showed up”. Emails were sent and received promptly, he was always easy to get a hold of and most importantly never said he was going to do anything he didn’t do. I never felt like I was “just another client” Lastly, his experience was extensive. He communicated in a way that was easy to understand. I didn't have to deal with the legal jargon as with other lawyers." - Jessica 09/06/17

  • "Great employment lawyer! I did my research and I found Mr. Adams. He helped me with my case. I was always kept updated and responded quickly with any questions. He represented me very well and I would recommend to friends and family or anybody who wants a great lawyer with experience." - Jose 08/28/17

  • "Pregnancy discrimination etc... Mark, was awesome he was honest caring, efficient. When no other attorney wanted my case he was the only one who actually cared about my case. I thank him so much because i was ready to give up, i must mention i was not a easy client. He got me settlement i agreed to. Thanks Mark your the best and i highly recommend this attorney." - Latoya Brumfield 03/09/17

  • "Wrongful Termination Mark took my case when I was turned by three other attorneys. This was my first experience in dealing with an attorney, and I want to say that working with Mark made it much easier than I expected. He kept me fully informed at all times. He was very professional, dedicated, and hard working. My case was settled after 1-1/2 years due to Mark's hard work." - Anonymous 03/03/15

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